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Lowes Home Security System

Lowes Home Security System

Lowe's offers several products aimed at helping customers secure and protect home and property. Some of these include tinder and waterproof safes, smoke detectors, and equivalent monoxide detectors. Fire and waterproof safes allow homeowners and businesses to protect confidential information, collectibles and firearms. Lowe's best safe is a maximum home security system for items to be safe.

Fire protection rating is 1400 degrees for 30 daily. Solid steel construction and an electronic incorporate keep items make sure. Available in black with chrome hardware, a one - year warranty is included. The interior can be configured 4 ways, allowing the publician to customize it for the best fit of documents and items.

Lowe's mid range Sentry Safe Executive Safe has 8. 2 cubic feet of space inside. This safe is a good home security system for firearms or documents and items. It has a 7 - 14 gun capacity. The interior can be converted 4 ways. Serious Steel tracery and a 3 - character combination lock with lever handle secure contents. A one - year warranty is provided.

Home and Business owners who need less space but equal protection will gem the Sentry Unharmed Fire - Safe Waterproof Security File a good addendum to their home security system. The safe protects valuables from fire and water damage.

With storage space of. 7 cubic feet, the safe features molded resin construction and a tubular gloss lock. UL classified 30 minute fire protection up to 1250 degrees is provided. The system comes with a one year warranty and verified waterproof seal.

Smoke detectors from Lowe's add a constitutive element to any home security system. Smoke detectors are required by the governmental electrical code. Smoke detectors come in battery operated styles and wired styles. Wired detectors will have battery backup in case of power failure.

Lowes stocks standard smoke detectors that are ideal for bedroom or kitchen home security systems. Powered by 9 volt battery, the smoke detectors feature low battery indicator lights and come with a 3 year not large warranty. Wired smoke detectors available at Lowes include stand - alone and interlocked systems. Interlocked smoke detectors have an added safety feature. If one alarm is activated, all smoke alarms in the building will convincing. This type strengthens the home or line security system due to the added layer of fire protection.

Hardwired smoke detectors feature front - loading backup battery doors, AC quick connect power harnesses, interconnective capabilities and a 5 year limited warranty. Homeowners who preference to install interconnected smoke detectors without rewiring can use Lowe's wireless interconnected DC smoke alarms. This product enables homeowners to refresh the home or business security system without the expense of hiring electricians or contractors to rewire the facility.

The 9 volt battery powered unit protects steady during power outages. The 85 decibel alarm is blustering enough to wake most sleeping adults should fire or show be detected. The smart upset button silences false alarms and low battery alerts and will test the system. A 10 year warranty is provided.

Carbon monoxide detectors have quickly become part of most home security system components. Lowes features carbon monoxide detectors alone or esteem combination with smoke detectors.

The digital DC Carbon Monoxide Alarm is battery operated with an easy read digital display. An advanced electrochemical sensor connects to an 85 decibel alarm. The unit comes with a 5 term warranty. Lowe's standard Carbon Monoxide Detector is battery operated and updates every 15 seconds. Sensor is permanent and test / retest button included. The 85 decibel alarm sounds loud enough to alert home and business owners.

Home security system products at Lowes include safes to protect valuables, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Home and business owners have a wide variety of choices in product features. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are available in combination units featuring both capabilities.


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